pondělí 21. dubna 2008

In English: About our project

Project: Space at school, school in Space

Pupils of the fifth grade from Kopřivnice (The Czech Republic) and Tvrdošín (The Slovak Republic) exchange, using ICT, findings about the space – space objects and interesting space features. They become fictional astronauts and find out not only about various secrets of the Space but also about themselves.

Organization structure:
In the Slovak Republic the children go to the IT club with the guidance of 1 teacher. In the Czech Republic the whole one class take part in this project. All the activities are integrated within different school subjects and 2 teachers work with the children – the class teacher cooperates with the ICT school coordinator.

  • opening video-conference with Slovak school + drawing individual tasks into groups
  • pupils give comments into discussion forum so that they learn more about each other
  • group work – making presentations about space objects
  • result presentations and handing over the presentations to our partnership school
  • spending night at school and watching eclipse of the Moon
  • “spending night at school”: topic for writing essay and for lesson of Art – putting into blog,
  • creating Slovak – English – Czech dictionary of space definitions
  • making 3D model of solar system and displaying it on the Day of the Earth
  • producing knowledge quiz about space for our partnership school
  • putting information about space objects into blog
  • „astronauts training" in Physical Education,
  • final video-conference with attendance of pupils´ parents

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